Monday, 2 July 2012

The European Patent Court Will Be Based In Paris

The European Council has decided to base the Unified Patent Court's Central Division of the Court of First Instance in Paris.

The purpose of the European Patent Court is to establish less-expensive, simpler and more efficient patent protection for businesses in the EU.

There will be two specialised sections: one in London and the other in Munich.

The Unified Patent Court will have exclusive jurisdiction for proceedings relating to the validity of a European unitary patent or to infringements thereof thus eliminating the risk of multiple patent lawsuits in different member states concerning the same patent. This will also eliminate the risk of having different rulings from different member states for the same patent.

The European Patent Court is part of the future unitary patent system in the EU, together with a regulation on the unitary patent itself and a regulation on translation arrangements. This unitary patent “package” should be adopted early in 2014.
Read the European Council’s presentation: European Council's presentation