Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Wedding : a non happening (?)

A few days ago we all saw the “so no pictures” of the Parisian wedding of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria on television.

The crowds of curious onlookers attracted by the media hype hovered around the “non event” that has been the most publicized invisible celebrity event of the year.

Buses with heavily tinted windows and large black umbrellas made to resemble protective screens stopped any chance of a stolen glance.

And what of the metal barriers that pushed the public as far away as possible, turning a public area into a totally private place?

Was it to protect the couple’s privacy? No way!!!

It’s business, business and business as ever! And with total disregard for tradition and the laws of marriage, which is legally a public event.

And remember, these stars live off the public. They owe their fame and fortune to their devoted followers. But the public is naïve, faithful and devoid of any ulterior motive. They wait for hours in the hope of catching a glimpse. Dream on Desperate Followers.

But no, this public will get nothing. And if they want to see anything at all they will have to buy the magazine that paid such a high price for an exclusive of the wedding photos. Pictures that are said to be soaring out of sight on the internet auction.

Yes, it is actually nil/null, literally as well as figuratively.

What a nil event to deprive the Faithful of attending the traditional photo taking session that customarily takes place outside the town hall and then the church. Nil, hiding a much more serious null event – the wedding itself.

The act of being married in “huis clos” simply annuls the marriage.

Indeed, Article 165 of the French Civil Code states that a wedding must be held in public – ie in a hall with open doors allowing the public to enter freely. But what happens when the town hall is so inaccessible, that entrance is impossible irrespective of whether the doors are closed or open?

jllavoc (aka Jean-Louis LANGLOIS)